7 Tips For Choosing The Right Daycare

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Spending all of our time, 24-7 with our kids can be difficult; especially as a working parent or a parent who simply needs a little bit of time to themselves. And let’s be honest, cost of childcare seems to skyrocket by the month. It can also be frightening to leave your child in the care of another person, but if you are aware of what to look for in a daycare, it can be more of a relief than anything else.

If you’re on the prowl for a new daycare or just want to see if yours is up to snuff, here’s a list of tips for just that:

Tips for choosing the right daycare:
1. Check the ratio of caregivers to children: Make sure the location isn’t understaffed.
2. Financial costs: Make sure the price is reasonable for the daycare center. Feel free to check competing daycares and even what you should be paying for a childcare.
3. Location and travel logistics: Is it too far to even make sense? Are you just choosing it because it’s so close? Find a happy medium.
4. The philosophy of the child care: Make sure you know the philosophy behind where you send your kids!
5. Proper accreditation and licensing: This one is pretty straightforward…they should have a license and perhaps look into yelp or other ratings sites for feedback.
6. Food policies: Another one that pertains to your child in particular. Make sure they can accommodate any dietary restrictions and make sure the food they serve is what your child should be eating.
7. Check that there are safety measures in place.

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