A Complete Hair Transformation with Remington Thermaluxe

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Going From Crazy Curls to Sleek Tresses

Today’s post is for those naturally curly haired girls who spend so much of their precious time trying to tame their curls. First off, let me just say that I’m not curl bashing, after nearly 26 years with my curls I’ve learned to love them for what they are; beautiful, voluminous, and lush. However, sometimes a curly girl just wants that sleek, straight look. Just for a day, we’d like to be able to run our hands through our hair and feel the strands pass gently and effortlessly between our fingers.


I’ll admit it; I am a sucker for hair straightening products, so when I partnered with Remington® Thermaluxe™ to test out their latest hair dryer and flat iron I was over-the-moon. Being that I’m a P.O.C. my hair tends to respond best to a high heat method of straightening and will typically play nice once it’s toasted into submission. But the issue for me, being a Florida native, is keeping my hair straight in an environment with high humidity. I can count on one hand the number of times my straightened hair has truly lasted all day long, and that’s because I never went outside on those occasions. Enter the Thermaluxe styling tool line with Thermal technology for long lasting, healthy, on-the-go, gorgeous hair, which I purchased at my local Target in the hair appliance aisle in the beauty department.

So, does it live up to its promises? In short, YES, absolutely! With the Thermaluxe Dryer and Wide 2″ Straightener not only did my curls transform into perfectly straight and sleek tresses but they stayed that way ALL DAY LONG, even in Florida’s notoriously humid weather.


Check out the tutorial below to see exactly how I achieved the hairstyle I’ve always dreamed of and be sure to visit Thermaluxe24hour.com for more on the revolutionary Thermaluxe styling tool line.

Here’s what you’ll need to go from curly to sleek:


Thermaluxe Dryer

Why I Use it: Using the Thermaluxe Dryer dries hair faster with less heat damage. The professional AC motor and hybrid concentrator are specifically designed to help reduce hot spots and deliver high, even heat for a smooth, shiny finish. The dryer also features a salon professional quality tangle-free fabric cord for an easy drying experience.

Thermaluxe Wide 2″ Straightener

Why I Use it: This straightener uses the Thermaluxe advanced heating system which delivers a consistent, even heat to the hair for faster straightening, and longer-lasting style.

Heat Protectant

Why I Use it: Using a heat protectant is a VERY important step in this process, it helps to protect hair and prevent heat damage when using high heat styling tools.

Finishing Serum

Why I Use it: Using just a drop of finishing serum will help ensure that the final look is polished, smooth, and glossy.

Step 1: Wash, Condition, & Prep

This step is pretty standard; however, I do a little something extra when I’m washing my hair before straightening. First I shampoo, then I condition, and then I shampoo again. The reasons for this are twofold. First, when I straighten my hair it tends to become a little oily after a few days and I feel a double wash combats this. Second, washing again after conditioning helps to wash away some of the weight of the conditioner leaving my straightened hair light and airy. After toweling drying my hair I put a quarter sized amount of heat protectant in it, mainly focusing on the ends of my hair.

Step 2: Blow Dry

This is where the Thermaluxe Dryer comes into play. I use it to blow dry my hair in 2-inch sections. Let me just say that not only did this dryer blow out my hair in record time, it actually looked fabulous. Typically when I blow dry my hair I look like a prize poodle at a dog show until I hit it with the flat iron, but with the Thermaluxe Dryer, my tresses were so sleek that I probably could have stopped there if I wanted a more voluminous look.

Step 3: Straighten

To finish off my look I choose to straighten my blow dried hair with the Thermaluxe Wide 2″ Straightener since I was going for an ultra-sleek and straight style. Honestly, after the blow dryer’s stellar performance the straightener didn’t have too much work left to do. I applied a little finishing serum and basically used the straightener to seal in the style and boost overall shine. It took about 10 min to pass through all my hair (a small miracle) and the end result was a beautifully smooth style that lasted ALL DAY LONG!

Step 4: Rock the Heck Out Of Your New Style

This is probably the most important step of them all, at least for me! I’m a mom of two and I don’t often get the opportunity to do anything transformative with my hair, and even when I do, the chances of the style lasting through work, school drop off/pick up and the tasks of caring for a newborn are pretty slim. That is why I LOVE the Remington Thermaluxe styling tool line, it allows me to achieve the @remingtonready styles I dream about and helps my hair maintain its awesomeness no matter what the day throws my way.
Acknowledgements: A huge thank you to our friends at Chroma Salon & Spa in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida for sharing their beautiful space with us for this shoot!



Author: Leigha Grimes

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