Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Tries Some Interesting Health Foods

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You may recognize Nicole Polizzi by her popular nickname Snooki from the MTV hit reality show “Jersey Shore.” If you watch the show then you know Snooki’s favorite snack, pickles, which are actually great for your health helping to maintain a healthy sodium intake.

Snooki looks for a new health snack with the help of Men’s Health with some interesting options from the Jersey Shore. The challenge is simple, Snooki eats the questionable snack or answers a question.

The first snack is the Wild Kopi Coffee aka “Cat Poo Coffee” and yes it is exactly what the name implies. This may sound odd but this coffee is actually one of the most expensive coffee brands in the world and is highly sought after.

Snooki helps to explain the delicate process of how the coffee is made but she goes in for the taste and says it smells good but she doesn’t regularly drink coffee so she passes on the taste test.

The next snack is dried-fish frozen yogurt, which is highly questionable for Snooki. Snooki starts off by saying “Gross, ’cause I hate fish,” and I think for this snack you could agree this option doesn’t sound too appealing. The yogurt looks ok but it’s topped with dried fish, so it’s quite interesting looking. She says it smells like dirty underwear but also think it looks kinda cute.

Have you ever heard of shaved ice with beet juice? Well, now you have! Snooki thinks that this one is the least intimidating of the bunch and actually tries some. Her excitement for a decent health snack withers away at the first bite and she says it’s gross tasting.

If you thought that one was weird then you’ve never heard of snapping turtle jerky. Snooki says she loves turtles and that the snack smells like fish so she passes on trying the snack to answer a question.

After the last questionable snack, they offer Snooki a pickleback shot which is a shot of whiskey that you chase with pickle juice, fortunately Snooki loves her pickles.

They saved the best snack for last and you’ll have to find out watching the video above.

Author: Leigha Grimes

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