Refinery29 Is Coming At You With Some Delicious Foods From Around The Country

Get ready because Refinery29 is coming at you with some delicious foods from around the country!!! Yes that’s right, and they are sure to make you cheat on that diet tonight!

First The most decadent cheesy hash brown you have ever seen…EVER!! These are mouthwatering and a great breakfast idea!

Let’s keep the cheese theme alive because, who doesn’t love cheese? If you are looking to do something different for your wedding day, maybe you don’t have to go overboard with it. Maybe start a new tradition in your family and switch up the cake! Because, you guessed it….cheese wedding cakes are a thing!

If you’re not into a literal cheese cake for that big day, maybe you go even bolder with some Cardi B cookies! Even more out there than the wedding cake made of cheese, these tasty cookies are apparently all the rage, and we aren’t shocked because SHE is all the rage! These sugar cookies have Cardi’s face on them, doing her signature tongue out wink smile. There should definitely be an emoji for her signature face, come to think of it.

Author: Dirk Lawson

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