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Growing up I played a ton of sports and always had so much back pain. As I got older unfortunately, that pain only got worse. As many of you already know I have tried EVERYTHING on the market with no relief and have seen plenty of doctors throughout the years with no luck in helping to relieve that pain naturally. When you all recommended SpoonkSpace. I knew I had to check them out.

The Spoonk Organic Hemp Travel Mat

The product that was recommended was The Spoonk Organic Hemp Travel Mat and The Groove Ball. When I received my order with The Spoonk Organic Hemp Travel Mat and Groove Ball in it I was so excited to try them out because I heard such good things. So many people have recommended not only SpoonkSpace but acupressure in general and I want to say thank you for making these recommendations. The best part? The Spoonk Organic Hemp Travel Mat works on the simple principle of acupressure which is a healing art known as the Shiatsu massage. It works by increasing circulation with 6210 acupressure points on areas you are having trouble with. I used it for my back and it helps to relieve the pain, tension and rejuvenates the whole body (exactly what I need).

Side note: even if you don’t have pain it’s great to add to your morning and night bedtime routine. For me it really helps to get the day going in the morning so I do it as soon as I wake up. It also helps me to relax at night which is why I also do it right before I go to sleep.

Now let’s talk about one of my other favorite parts….what it’s made out of! I love that it’s made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic ABS plastic and is high quality. I chose Spoonk because they are the ONLY brand that uses plant based, USA-made, CertiPur-US Eco-foam free from PBDE flame retardants and made using VPF technology. And t gets better…Their fabric is Global Organic Textile Standard certified and is made from a blend of 55% organic hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Groove Ball

This ball is tiny, but don’t let that fool you…it works wonders! I love using this right after I use the mat. It helps with palm areas and even with my feet. This is a must have with the mat and is easy to travel with. PS: If you have Plantar Fasciitis this is for you and doctors highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this product to all of our readers out there! It has changed my life and I know it will help change yours as well. I am so thankful for even the slightest bit of relief and this helps me get back to being able to run around with my kids. I loved it so much I teamed up with SpoonkSpace and they gave a coupon code WHOABELLA you can use it HERE! This coupon code will get you 10% off your entire order. To find out what they are up to and stay up to date with all their deals be sure to check them out HERE!

Author: Lucie O’Leary

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