Tips On Keeping Fit And Workout Plans

If you’re feeling lost on what you should be doing in the gym to keep fit we give some awesome tips and tricks along with some key workout moves that are great for everyone.

Box Step-Up
Everyone may have heard or done a box step, but not everyone knows the proper technique. Some people make the mistake of using too much weight or using a box that’s too high for them, which can have people not stepping up with control and not getting the maximum potential from this move.

Some focus on just simply stepping up and down off the box but it’s about positioning your body for optimal hip extension, so your body can get the maximum benefits from this workout. Another key factor is in focusing and isolating which leg you want to workout, focusing on one leg at a time.

Half-Bench Single-Arm Bench Press
This workout seems simple but most don’t know the best technique for getting the most out of this workout, but we’re here to help. The standard bench press is known to be beneficial for the chest and arms but this method of bench press also works out the glutes and abs.

The best part is once you master this move it will also help with your other bench workouts. You lay on your back on the bench press but you’ll hang half of your body off one side while keeping balance while holding the opposite arm straight out. This bench press workout will also greatly improve your balance.

For more tips and tricks on getting the perfect form for your workouts, check out the video above.

Author: Leigha Grimes

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