UPRIGHT GO: Start The New Year Off Right By Improving Your Posture!

A New Year comes with new resolutions. Every year I set my intentions to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually and this year is no different. However, a couple months ago I was thrown a bit of a curve ball when I found out I tore a tendon in my left shoulder pretty bad. After seeing multiple doctors and getting a ton of MRI’s they found that my posture was a big part of the problem. My shoulders curve in and slouching is making my condition way worse as there is unnecessary pressure on the front of my shoulder. This with a combination of working out on it resulted in the tear.

While attending physical therapy my PT mentioned a product that she thought would really help me called UPRIGHTGO….so of course I had to check it out!

Where To Find UPRIGHT GO

First you are going to want to purchase the device. You can buy it from online store, from Amazon or at any Apple Store all across the US. Your UPRIGHT GO comes with free US shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee & 2 year warranty which is a huge plus.

How It Works

When I first got my device in the mail I was so excited to test it out. When you receive the device you are going to want to download the app which is compatible with iOS and Android. Sync your device with your phone to start your daily training sessions and tracking your progress.

Then you are going to want to put it on. The UPRIGHT GO attaches to your upper-back via a special hypoallergenic adhesive sticker. The GO is easy to attach and is comfortable for all day wear.

Each UPRIGHT GO comes with 5 adhesives which give you about two weeks of use each. If you run out you can always order new adhesives here. The device is small and won’t show under most clothes.

When in Training Mode your UPRIGHT GO will vibrate gently on your back to alert you whenever you slouch. You can adjust the sensitivity and vibration in the app. It’s fast, it’s habit building and it works!

I recommend daily training sessions to help you form a better posture habit. After each daily training session switch your GO to Tracking Mode to continue monitoring your posture throughout the rest of the day. Log in to your Statistics page in your UPRIGHT App to see all your posture statistics, goals and how you’ve improved over time with UPRIGHT.


  • Upright devices are wearable bio-feedback posture trainers.

  • Their goal is to improve your posture habits with or without Upright on you unlike braces and conventional measures.

  • They’ve already sold more than 150,000 units all over the world.

  • UPRIGHT GO is used and recommended by over 100 clinics in the US and worldwide.

  • They have clinical studies that validate their product (Upright devices are proven to improve posture) and many more
    ongoing including leading universities such as Stanford and Columbia.
  • Added Values

  • Upright’s training plan in the free app, is personalized and recommends daily usage.

  • On training mode the user fits the device to his own desired posture and whenever the user slouches it vibrates.

  • On tracking mode Upright continues gathering your posture data over time but doesn’t give you feedback.

  • It’s recommended to train while in office environment/in front of the computer, and for a limited time per day as

  • Upright attaches to your back with multiple use adhesives that can last days to weeks depending on usage.

  • The Upright device is charged by USB and it’s battery lasts 8 -10 hours.

  • Over 87% of new users report a significant improvement in posture within 2 weeks of training.
  • My Results

    I seriously cannot say enough positive things about this device. Not only have I seen a significant improvement in my posture, but my physical therapist has as well. She was so thrilled to hear the good news that she is now recommending this to all her patients.

    Having the correct posture is seriously so important for your health. Without having the correct posture so many other things with your alignment can go wrong causing injury. I recommend this product to all you beautiful Bella’s you deserve to feel confident and strong. Start the new year off the right way like I did with UPRIGHT GO!

    Author: Hana Oxford

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