We Tried a Purse That Holds Two Bottles of Wine, and It Was Awesome!

The PortoVino Wine Bag is a Magical Experience

I’m not saying I searched “how to sneak wine into movies”, but when I did I stumbled upon one of the greatest inventions of ALL TIME. The Bella Vita, PortoVino purse… an adorable purse that discreetly hides and dispenses TWO BOTTLES OF WINE!!

I know, I know… I lost it too. I immediately contacted the company, which is composed of the sweetest humans on earth, and had the opportunity to try out the PortoVino purse for the week, and let’s just say people were BEGGING to sit next to me in the office.

Everyday errands became a paaarrrtayyyyy, grocery shopping (made the man drive, obviously) is way less painful with a bag full of Moscato at your side. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Concerts, sporting events, your kid’s 4th-grade clarinet recital (only kidding, sorta) are the perfect places to use your PortoVino purse! Don’t get me wrong; you aren’t limited to just wine, fill it with your favorite booze to liven up any event! Margaritas at the beach, Mimosas on the boat, beer at a baseball game, or whatever your drink of choice is!

Since one of the girls on our team is a wee tot (meaning just under legal drinking age), she got creative with the bag and used it to bring her favorite detox water to yoga! I used it to get drunk while pretending to yoga, but that is neither here nor there.

The PortoVino can be used on a day to day basis as its design is spacious and unbelievably chic, plus you can fit your laptop, wallet, chargers, shades, AND the contents of two bottles of wine with room to spare.

The Bella Vita company does a lot more than just PortoVino purses, with a wide range of totally adorable products for wine lovers their website is a must visit for this Memorial Day weekend.

BTW, Bella Vita is a proud sponsor of FMSC. A portion of their proceeds benefits Feed My Starving Children, which means that buying a wine purse is, in fact, the responsible thing to do.
If you’re still a little stumped about which wine to put in your PortoVino purse check out our Wines to Unwind With post!

Author: Kendyl Blakeney

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