A Letter To Freckled Girls

Dear Freckled Girls,

It’s okay to show off those little brown freckles you have all over your face and body. I know that you might have gotten made fun of in middle school.

Kids didn’t tend to be nice about freckles, and would accuse you of having spots of dirt on your face. Your mom might have tried to make you feel about them, calling them “angel kisses”.

When you got old enough to wear makeup, you might have done everything in your power to cover your freckles. Foundation may have become your best friend as you attempted to make your face all one tone.

Well freckled girl, it is time to lighten up on that foundation. Use a light powder, because those freckles are too cute to cover! You’ve just entered a time of self-love, and self acceptance.

Love your freckles, because I can guarantee everyone else does. Everyone who doesn’t have freckles wants them now. You’ve see the weird trend of drawn, even tattooed-on freckles.

Thank you Perrie Edwards, Emma Stone, and Kylie Jenner for showing off your freckles. Because they are beautiful, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Much like a mole on your face, you can consider your freckles to be just a multitude of beauty marks!

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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