Burn 100 Calories with Power Yoga Moves

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Sometimes you don’t think about yoga as something you do to burn calories and loose weight, but there’s more to the practice than inhale and exhale.

Starting with a quick sunrise salutation, you move with your breath and do a fast paced, yoga burpee folding over, moving legs back and jumping forward. Do a round of warrior one, also called the crescent lunge keeping the core tight and the upper body relaxed.

Move into warrior two stretching your arms out then into warrior three, sweeping hands back and towards the knee. Windmill hands down and build a bridge, going down to your elbows then back up and either go into child’s pose for a breather or amp it up by breathing right back up into your yoga burpees.

Just repeat this sequence three times and you’ll have killed a cardio exercise, yoga master, Zen workout in ten minutes flat.

Author: Madison

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