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Your mom has likely been the core of your world or the bane of your existence at one point or another while growing up. It’s not an uncommon thing to have a complicated dynamic with your mom, especially if you’re playing the role of daughter. Let’s face it sons, you just don’t clash as much with mom as we do.

The 2017 film, “Lady Bird” might have hit the nail on the head of this arduous relationship, depicting the struggles between a strong willed mom and her equally willed daughter. Speaking as both a daughter and a mother, I can’t help but advocate for Lady Bird’s mom. A mother’s ultimate goal while raising their child is to be the barrier between our children and pain, whatever form that pain may take.

There’s a reason we smother, and snoop, and punish; it’s so that we attempt to protect you from whatever unforeseen forces are out there that might take you away from us. We’d rather hear an “I hate you” and a door slam than your tears when someone has broken down the beautiful soul we witness daily.

Moms care, even when they show it in ridiculous ways. Everyone in this video at some point or another, recognized why their moms did what they did while they were growing up. We know you love your mom, so give her a call sometime!

Author: Haley DePass

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