Cardi B Arrested

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Cardi B has been all over the map lately. She made headlines after a high profile fight with Nicki Minaj during Fashion Week. She of course has been slaying it as a new Mom. But this latest headline doesn’t look so great for the 25 year old rapper.

On Monday, October 1st, Cardi B turned herself in to New York City police for her involvement of a fight at an NYC strip club. Cardi turned herself in for an alleged assault and reckless endangerment against two bartenders at the strip club. Supposedly Cardi was upset because one of the women had apparently had sex with Cardi’s husband, Offset, of the group Migos.

It was reported by the bartenders that someone in Cardi’s entourage had thrown a bottle at the bartenders, causing a fight. Sorry Cardi, but maybe you should be throwing the bottle at Offset instead? Cardi is known for her outspoken behavior, and her wild antics.

She has a bit of a temper as seen on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop New York”. It was a big deal, however, that Cardi took responsibility for her actions and turned herself in. She was charged with a misdemeanor, and we’re hoping that if she’s in the news again it’s because she’s dumped her man.

Author: Haley DePass

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