Diet Friendly Donuts!

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Trying tirelessly to diet and stay healthy but still craving something sweet? Well now you can satisfy those cravings all while staying on your diet. These donuts are super healthy not to mention absolutely delicious.

It is actually just an energy bar in donut form without all the sugar and extra additives. They are keto, paleo and vegan-friendly. Moreover, everyone can enjoy them. The donuts are made by a company called Fossil Fuel located in Alaska. They wanted to make a treat for people who were trying to adhere to a specific diet. It is the perfect option when you need something sweet.

Their most famous donut is the choco-nut. It tastes like dark chocolate topped with crushed almonds. It is made with cacao, maca root, almonds, coconut, and maple. Along with it being good for you, the addition of the maca root will actually give you an energy boost and will improve circulation. The snack is around 260 calories depending on the flavor you get. It has no added sugar, fewer carbs and less sodium. It also has a ton of protein and fiber. Needless to say, this donut provides you with way more nutrients than your average donut.

They are hoping to release their product in August. They are still raising money for their packaging on Kickstarter. Get ready for the biggest treat that doesn’t make that day a cheat day.

Author: Emily Miller

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