Hair Basics: Fishtail Braid

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This is the year you’ll finally conquer the trendiest hairstyle that’s not going anywhere anytime soon, of course we’re talking about the fishtail braid! We’ve watched tutorials in the past, seen diagrams and videos before, but never has this braid been explained in such a clear and simple way. This is the one.


Okay, deep breath, you’ve got this. Separate the hair into two sections, that’s right, this style is even easier than the traditional braid because there’s just two parts to it. Next take a small piece of hair from the outside of the right section and put it into the left section. The smaller the piece, the tinnier the fishtail will appear.

Now go ahead and take a small piece from the left section, cross it over and combine it with the right side of hair. Easy! Now just repeat another dozen times or so and you’ve got a perfect, on-trend fishtail braid that will take you from winter to spring and beyond! We’re so proud.

Author: Amy

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