Having A Bad Day? Do This!

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Every once in a while, we all have bad days. They can last forever and be totally draining. Fortunately, if you are enduring a day where you wish you had just stayed in bed, there are ways to get through it.

Psychologists recommend doing these things:

1. Work on a passion project
Take a little you time to do something you know you love, like painting or listening to music. This will help get you out of your funk.

2. Go outside
Getting fresh air and being in nature is proven to lift people’s moods.

3. Look at the bigger picture
Don’t let one day get you down. Look at the bigger picture of your life or the world to get some perspective on how you are really doing.

4. Take deep breaths
If you find yourself getting frustrated or anxious, sit down, close your eyes, and breath for a minute. You will feel better after you do.

5. Talk with someone you love
Find some time to process through your day with someone you care about. Venting and having an ear to listen to you will get things off your chest.

6. Acknowledge the bad moments
Don’t try to blow past the bad moments, but don’t wallow in them either. Recognize that a bad moment is happening to you, process it, and then move past it.

Author: Jacqueline Alanne

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