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I remember being little and getting into my mom’s makeup. My absolute favorite thing to wear was lipstick. There were so many colors, so many consistencies, and it just made me feel like a grown up! I couldn’t wait to wear lipstick when I was older! But much to my inner child’s dismay, lipstick sort of died out while I was a teenager. Extra shiny, neutral colored glosses were really what was in style.

Luckily, 2015 came around and put lipstick back on the map! Thank the makeup Gods for matte lipsticks of all different colors. My childhood wishes had come true, and I was buying up all of the lipstick I could, without hesitation. Little did I know there are some amazing lipstick hacks that keep my lips looking better and better!

If you find your lipstick coming off all of the time, a great trick is to cover your lips with arrowroot powder. This is going to set your lipstick so that it won’t come off while eating, kissing, or drinking! Use a spoon to help with your lip liner. This will guide your liner so it stays perfectly on your lips… unless you want to over line them. We won’t judge.

Author: Haley DePass

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