One Of The Biggest Events For Paris Fashion Week Wasn’t A Runway Show But A Kanye Sunday Service

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Today marked the 26th day of consecutive fashion shows spanning across four countries that is the culmination of Paris Fashion Week. To much shock, the event that drew high attendance records was not a runway show but one of Kanye West’s Sunday Services.

Where to start with this unique Sunday Service, celebrities and big names in fashion converged at 8 a.m. in the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, a French historical landmark in the heart of Paris. Among the front-row attendants was the CEO of Balenciaga, Cédric Charbit, despite the fact that the event was two hours before the biggest runway show of the season for Balenciaga.

Most of the runway shows for the season were inspired by vestment styles and rituals/sacraments seen in the church with the ideal environment for West’s Sunday Services. The theatre was packed with people trying to fit into smaller-seats, much like a runway show.

West and fellow members leading the service wore a uniform neutral-colored a-line suit in tan from Yeezy’s eighth season. All members of the service wore the same unisex ensemble consisting of all tan Yeezy sneakers (of course), loose pants, V-neck top, turtleneck, and gold necklace.

“A lot of time we put our faith and trust in people, we put our faith and trust in material things. A lot of times those things fail us” – Kanye West

The show started with Kanye playing the piano in the middle of the stage while service members formed in centric circles around West. The sermon started with West singing with the choir and even went onto preach about being anti-materialist, despite the event taking place during the biggest time of the year for fashion at Paris Fashion Week.

This coming from the same guy who sells a merch line dedicated to these “Sunday Services” pushing $50 socks and $225 sweatshirts. Not to mention his wife Kim Kardashian who thought a “wholesome” look for the Sunday Service consisted of a form-fitting all latex suit.

Author: Lucie O’Leary

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