Relationship Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

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When we are experiencing issues in our relationships, we can’t help but turn to our friends, families, therapists, and sometimes even perfect strangers to help us navigate difficulties with our significant others.

A lot of times, they give us really wonderful advice that is ultimately very helpful. However, there are certain pieces of advice that you should not listen to when it comes to your relationship.

1. You’ll Find Your Perfect Match
You might find someone who treats you better than your last relationship, but it’s unrealistic to call someone your perfect match. Everyone has differences, and there will be time when you’ll have arguments or have to make compromises with your partner. It’s not always smooth sailing, it’s just how you and that person deal with it that makes a good relationship.

2. Don’t Go To Bed Angry
Sleeping on certain disagreements can actually be really helpful. Taking time to cool off after an intense argument is often better so you don’t say anything that you’ll regret. It’s okay to sleep it off, and think a fight over.

3. Time Heals All Wounds
Well, time doesn’t heal all wounds. There are actions your partner may have done that are not forgivable, or you feel it’s something you cannot just let go and let time take care of. In these cases, the issues need to be dealt with in an open, honest, and communicative way.

Author: Anastasia Smith

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