The Perfect Floral Arrangements For Fall

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The harvest season is upon us and everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Though many people are thinking about food another thing to consider for the big day is decor. In celebration of the harvest season, floral arrangements are a great option that everyone will love. We give some tips and tricks on making a festive Fall floral arrangement.

Fall Flowers
Keeping with the Fall theme, the best colors to use for your arrangements are red, orange and yellow. Purple and pink flowers are great to complement the fall colors.

– Dahlia
– Mums
– Sunflower
– Daisy
– Calla Lily
– Hydrangeas
– Pin Cushion Protea
– Ranunculus
– Safflowers
– Snapdragons

– Cotton Stems
– Seeded Eucalyptus
– Eucalyptus Gunnii
– Cockscomb
– Grevillea foliage
– Bonsai eucalyptus

Display Choice
One of the most common pieces of Fall decor that is great for Thanksgiving is a cornucopia, which is great for a more unique flower arrangement. Another unique way to display your arrangement is to make your own flower holders from butternut squash.

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Simply cut the top narrow end of the squash and hollow out the inside removing the pulp, then flip the squash upside-down and gently tap the cutting board a couple of times to remove any leftover seeds. Once you’re finished hollowing out the squash set it down on the wider bottom half to check if it can stand straight, if not just take the knife and cut the bottom level so it can stand upright.

Fruits With Floral Arrangements
If you want to go the extra mile for your guests and really step up your floral arrangement, just add some edible fruit. All you need is wood skewers and floral foam to make your own edible arrangement that you’re guests are sure to love.

Simply cut the piece of floral foam to fit your vase (use a wider vase if you want to use a lot of flowers and fruit), then place your flowers and finish off with a couple of skewers with fruit. Smaller fruits like grapes, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, or strawberries.

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