The Weeknd Strips Facial Bandages To Reveal ‘Plastic Surgery’ Transformation

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The Weeknd should consider an acting career considering his serious dedication to the persona he created for his latest “After Hours” album with multiple performances and appearances donning facial bandages. Initially, some interpreted the bandages as the aftermath from the apparent facial injuries featured on the album cover and premiere music video “Blinding Lights.”

After the release of his latest video “Save Your Tears” fans finally got to see that The Weeknd without the facial bandages and bruising to reveal a ‘plastic surgery’ transformation. The Weeknd appeared with a completely transformed face that fooled some fans but was actually all realistic prosthetics portraying botched plastic surgery.

The Weeknd worked with top prosthetics and special effects artist Mike Marino. The concept behind this transformation was referenced in his song “Escape From LA” with lyrics “LA girls look the same,” portraying one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world.

The new music video contained a lot of hidden messages from The Weeknd including striking back against the Recording Academy. The Weeknd received a lot of media attention when he was shut out from the Grammys this year and references this rejection in the music video. In “Save Your Tears” the artist throws a trophy resembling a Grammy award in the music video, symbolizing his sentiments of the Recording Academy.

The Weeknd performs for an audience of masked people during the “Save Your Tears” video with the exception of revealing his face and one woman in the audience that bears a resemblance to his ex-girlfriend. In the video, The Weeknd dances with a woman who resembles his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and references the “Dance Again” music video.

The Weeknd also references the 1999 Stanley Kubrick film “Eyes Wide Shut” with the audience and band members wearing masks similar to the film. This music video is one of The Weeknd’s best and you can see the plastic surgery transformation in the “Save Your Tears” music video.

Author: Chaz Page

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