There May Officially Be A Love Song for Jessie J & Channing Tatum

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Rumor has it that love is in the air for Jessie J and Channing Tatum. All the gossip has revealed that Jessie J’s newest love song was written for Channing Tatum.

For those of you that don’t know, Jessie J is a singer and songwriter from England, best known in the US for her hit song “Price Tag” which was used in the popular movie Pitch Perfect. But in the UK, she has had numerous chart-topping hits since her start in 2005.

The rumor started when Jessie J gave her fans an exclusive release of her latest single during a recent concert. The lyrics of her untitled track all point to boyfriend Channing Tatum. “Let’s just simply be in love” helps solidify the claim of the love song being about Channing.

Other lyrics of the song point to her and them staying calm and that the pressure is on for the two. This coincides with Jessie J announcing a break from social media. “For the record I’m OK. Happy, healthy and sane… I’m in such a good place that I want to respect and nurture that looking up and not looking down. Instagram is fun, but it isn’t real life,” Jessie J posted on Instagram.

Author: Kate Masters

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