This Beach Is Full of Secrets

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Have you ever imagined traveling to a beautiful, romantic beach that would also be the home to some of human kind’s greatest secrets? Me either, it’s a very specific travel destination. But, you might want to put it on your travel bucket list. This particular beach is something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and is located on a remote stretch of ocean in North Carolina. Specifically, this beach is located on Bird Island. A very remote, uninhabited beach… other than travelers of course.

On this stretch sits a lone mailbox. This mailbox is marked with the label, ‘kindred spirit’. This mailbox has been sitting on this beach since 1983. Frank Nesmith, now 88 years of age, put the mailbox out there in hopes that people would find it a welcome spot to leave their wildest hopes and dreams, in addition to their greatest most coveted secrets.

In fact, Nicholas Sparks, who bases most of his novels out of North Carolina actually used this mailbox as inspiration for one of his books, ‘Every Breath’. He felt the idea of the anonymous letter writing was romantic, and magical. The idea of it truly is. So if you’re having a whimsical vacation in the Carolinas, be sure to visit Bird Island.

Author: Haley DePass

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