Why You Should Have Plants In Your Home

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This past year, my full time job as a teacher became more stressful than it has ever been before. I found that the more stressed I got, the more plants I would buy. For some reason, having plants around became my own personal therapy. If you are feeling anxious, perhaps you should go buy a little plant friend.

Here’s why:

There are few things that we can actually control in our lives. However, the life of a plant is one aspect of our day that we can control. If you care for a plant properly, it will continue to live and flourish. It may be a small thing, but supporting a plant proves to ourselves that we can do something right and contribute positively to this world.

Watching a plant grow can also lead to small feelings of success and happiness. You will see it bloom and think to yourself, “I kept a plant alive!” while simultaneously being reminded of the fact that life is subtly changing for the better, if we only notice the positives.

Plus, plants are green and beautiful, and they remind us of goodness in this world. Studies have proven that when people are in nature, they are more relaxed and happy. So, bring a little nature to your home and purchase a succulent!

Author: Dani Rumbagh

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