Why You Shouldn’t Shop With Your Partner

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Your significant other is probably the first person you think of to do activities with. As the Christmas season rounds the corner, you are probably under the impression that it’s a good idea to shop with one another, probably not for their gift, but for your family and mutual friends.

Well, I hate to break it to you but shopping with your partner under most circumstances could be damaging to your relationship. Okay, so maybe not while you are holiday shopping, but if you live together and are deciding to shop to redecorate your home, some of your biggest arguments could be had.

It was discovered that the average American couple spends 216 hours shopping for home decor. Within that time, on average, 72 arguments are had.

8 of those arguments will be disagreements about furniture, 15 will be about exactly how to decorate the home, 10 more fights could actually occur in front of friends and family, and the rest of the fights will happen spontaneously when the person is triggered by home decor ideas that they actually see out side of the home. The fights will predominately revolve around pricing, color, and style of decoration.

So, a solution? It might be best to leave the decorating to one person in the relationship. If you can’t do that, maybe consider a neutral third party like an interior decorator.

Author: Haley DePass

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