You Can Now Rent An Instagram Boyfriend In Rome

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If you find yourself getting jealous of people living their best lives with their boyfriends in beautiful countries, Instagram may have something to help you out. The photo and video sharing app is letting you hire an Instagram boyfriend.

Instagram has teamed up with Airbnb to allow you to schedule an appointment with your very own Instagram boyfriend to gallivant around Rome. You won’t just enjoy having a temporary boyfriend, but you’ll also receive a delightful walking tour and a photoshoot of the picturesque streets of Rome. With five years as a social media manager, Emanuele will get the perfect shot of you next to the Colosseum and more.

The Italian “boyfriend” is available for two-hours and will guide you through his favorite streets, corners, and landmarks, all the while snapping photos with his Nikon DK180. With a starting rate of $90, Emanuele already has a 5-star rating and people he’s worked with literally sing his praises.

One reviewer from Maryland writes, “Emanuele took amazing photographs of me and my husband. He has an eye for beautiful backgrounds and advises on poses that work. We are very happy with the results. And we are picky LOL! You will not regret doing a shoot with him. He also treated us with a local snack suppli—yum!”

Author: Maya Dixon

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