10 Essential Tools You Need in Your Kitchen

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Shopping for kitchen tools can be hard. There are so many out there, and when you’re just starting out you need a good foundation, which doesn’t include that electric cherry pitter or heavy pasta roller.

As it turns out, all you need to sharpen your cooking skills, and stock your drawers properly, are 10 strategically selected kitchen tools. Senior food editor Rick Martinez gave us the lowdown on what you actually need when you’re building your tool kit from the ground up.

The List


First you need a 10 inch stainless steel skillet. It won’t stain and won’t chip.


A cutting board is a must. Be sure it is made of hardwood, and is 2 inches thick so it won’t warp.


Use an 8–10 inch chef’s knife with your cutting board. It is great for slicing and dicing!


A vegetable peeler is another necessity.


In order to have enough room for cooking long pasta and other larger meals, make sure you have a large, heavy bottomed, triple ply 8 quart pot.


Stir your pasta with a large metal spoon.

#7 & #8

Measuring cups and measuring spoons are a definite necessity. Avoid cheap, flimsy ones.


To make your favorite delicious chocolate chip cookies, invest in a sheet tray. Be sure it is rimmed for roasting and baking.


A mesh sieve is great for both draining cooked items, rinsing, scooping, as well as for dusting your beautiful cupcakes with powdered sugar.

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