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It can be so tempting to see those cute little homeless doggos from the dumb friends league. The idea of getting a puppy is extremely appealing to many people. Those big cute eyes and furry little bodies can call to many, especially us millennials. Before I got my first dog, I would possessively stalk the Humane Society, looking for new dogs to adopt every day.

But, taking care of a dog is hard work. Like, really hard work. You should not do it unless you are totally, 100% ready to have a new being in your life for 10-16 years. Ask yourself these important questions before you decide to buy or adopt you new fur baby

1. Do I have enough time for a dog?
Dogs take up a significant amount of time. You need to walk them, feed them, and play with them every single day. I own an Aussie- Border Collie mix, and I have to walk her twice a day in order to keep her happy. I love it because it gives me more exercise and time outside, but if this isn’t something you can fit into your schedule, you might want to thing again.

2. Do you have enough space for a dog?
Dogs like to run, and play, and chew. This can be really problematic if you live in a small home or an apartment without a backyard.

Unless you can commit a significant amount of time to taking your dog on extensive walks, you probably shouldn’t get a dog if you have a small space. (Unless you are OK with your important belongings being destroyed…)

3. Do you have enough patience for a dog?
It takes time to train a dog, and they will often make mistakes because they are learning. If you want a good dog, you need to regularly give them rules, commands, tasks, and exercise. Before considering getting a dog, you have to consider you financial means for vet care, grooming, ect.

It can be really difficult for people to deal with dogs as they begin to understand their world around them. They will chew, bark, bite, and scratch as they develop into behaved beings. It takes time to make a dog a civilized creature, so be willing to take that time.

Author: Kaitlyn Kinshella

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