5 DIY Alternatives to Couples Therapy

Bella Breakdown

Couples therapy may not be for everyone. Before you spend money on therapy sessions, try these DIY methods first.

1. Go on a couples retreat. Traveling together can give your relationship a temporary boost. Just make sure you’re traveling with others so you don’t spend the entire trip arguing.

2. DIY home therapy. Self-help books and online relationship courses are a good place to start, but you will both need to work at it, be open to suggestion and practice effective communication.

3. Date nights. No matter if it’s dinner at a fancy restaurant or drinks and conversation at home, it just takes a little effort and planning to make quality time.

4. Find an activity you both enjoy. Activities like exercise and artistic expression are great therapy. Find something that you both enjoy and don’t mind sharing with each other.

5. Group dates. Be honest with your friends beforehand about why you’re there and choose couples that are fun and social.

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