Amazon Is Now Delivering Whole Foods To Your Door

Bella Breakdown

Amazon partnering with Whole Foods is like your two best friends finally dating; you’ve been hoping this magical partnership would happen, but you didn’t know if the stars would ever align. Okay, so maybe we overdid that analogy of Amazon and Whole Foods, but it’s pretty magical. Now you can get your favorite tasty and healthy foods delivered to your door, from the same online retailer you probably get everything from anyways!

To buy into this amazing delivery system, you must be an Amazon Prime member. So, if you’re not, it’s another reason to consider signing up! Starting Thursday, Prime subscribers in four cities can get free two-hour delivery on thousands of Whole Foods items. If two hours is too long for you to wait, you can pay a fee of $7.99 to get your food delivered within one hour instead of two. The four cities Amazon will offer this delivery partnership with Whole Foods are Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach. Of course, Amazon plans to expand delivery across the United States later this year.

Hopefully, this ground-breaking partnership will be coming to a city near you soon!

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