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People tend to have an odd relationship with food. Food can be one of the closest friends we have; we sometimes find ourselves confiding in it. We can also have a really poor relationship with food, rationing ourselves and hating what it may or may not do to our bodies. It’s an odd world we live in, but most people would agree that they all have that one special food or meal that makes them feel safe and happy.

Comfort foods are one of the best kinds of foods around. That’s because everyone has a different version of a comfort food. For me, it’s mac’n’cheese, hot dogs, and brownies. Odd combination I know, but when I was a child that was a staple growing up during summer. My brothers and I would spend our days with friends, out at the lake and come home to mac n’ cheese and hot dogs.

My older brother and I would then do the only bonding we did at that time, and make brownies together. When I first got pregnant, mac’n’cheese and hot dogs were the only things that didn’t want to make me discard the remnants of whatever I had made myself eat prior.

Comfort foods typically hold a very special place in our hearts. I’m not the only one whose favorite comfort food is derived around a sweet memory. That’s why so many people relish in a turkey dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce in the middle of August. It’s because for many people, those foods represent a wonderful memory filled with love and family. So, what’s your comfort food, and why is it you comfort food?

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