Jesse Eisenberg Talks About Anxiety

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Jessie Eisenberg has had a voice in the mental health scene for a long time. He advocates for people with OCD and publicly read a letter he wrote to himself at a younger age about how to deal with his past anxieties. He also often plays people with anxieties and has realized the impact that can have on his fans.

In this video, he advocates for mental health being normalized and destigmatized by describing a piece his friend wrote called “Sign My Cast”. Eisenberg describes how the piece portrays the stark difference between how someone with a broken bone and a mental health issue is treated.

For example, think about a kid on the football team breaking his arm. He is glorified and praised for being heroic, and everyone gets to sign his cast, which is a mark of his bravery. Although mental health is a sort of “injury” that also needs treatment and love like a broken bone, people with mental health problems are pushed to keep quiet and looked down upon if they talk about their problems.

Eisenberg pushes that people with anxiety or depression should be treated with the kindness that someone with a broken arm would receive because they are also going through something and need help and support from those around them

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