Think Before You Drink: The Emotions Tied To Alcohol

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Maybe you want to prevent an emotion, or perhaps you’d like to induce a certain one. Either way, alcoholic beverages have a way of changing the game of our emotions. Researchers have linked certain drinks to certain moods and emotions, which could be pretty beneficial to know…especially if you’re trying to set the mood!

300,000 young drinkers were surveyed to find some concrete backing to statistics we all kind of already knew, at least those of us who have had a pop or two.

For those of us who enjoy our evenings watching, “The Bachelor,” with a glass of red wine, we know wine has a way to relax us. It is proven that red wine is the alcoholic beverage that relaxes one the most. Beer is in a close second to that, known for having a tired and calming affect (though those of us who have ever been to a sporting event may beg to differ on that one).

Now, maybe you don’t want to wind it down, but would rather turn it up a notch. 60% of those surveyed admitted that they feel sexy and confident when drinking spirits. Put on that little red dress and pour yourself a glass of champagne, then!

The only alcoholic beverage that elicited a less than savory emotional response was, yup you guessed it, hard liquor. About 1/3 of those surveyed said they get aggressive after a few shots. Not only that, but a lot also complained of feeling sick after.

The conclusion? Stick to red wine and “The Bachelor,” and how can we enter one of these drinking surveys?!

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