You Can Look Salon Styled At Home With PRO Beauty Tools

 Bella Breakdown!

It’s hard to get that salon style at home unless you’re willing to cough up a large amount of money. Get your hair looking great this holiday season with PRO Beauty Tools! Hair styling products that are professional grade at an affordable cost! The ladies of Whoabella had the wonderful opportunity of getting to try out two of PRO Beauty tools hottest products, the PRO Beauty Tools 1” Professional Ceramic Shine Digital Straightener, and the PRO Beauty Tools 1 ¼” Professional Gold Curling Iron.

We are living in 2017 while the Pro Beauty Tools 1” Professional Straightener is in 2345 with it’s DIGITAL TOUCH SCREEN display that beeps once you’ve chosen your desired temperature. With ceramic heating plates (the best kind of heating plates you can use by the way) you are guaranteed a smooth and shiny finish for your party-ready hair! Do you have super thick hair like me? Pro Beauty Tools also offers an amazing blow dryer, the 1875 W Professional Ionic AC Motor Dryer, that will smooth and flatten your hair before you straighten, practically guaranteeing the straight hair you desire! At the low price of $39.99, this straightener is a must have this Holiday season, whether you treat yourself or treat a friend we can guarantee it’ll be your best buy yet!

Nail that classic Holiday curl from the comfort of your own bathroom counter… I’m assuming everyone sits on their counter while doing their hair. No? Okay, it’s fine I’ll see myself out. The PRO Beauty Tools Professional Gold Curling Irons are the best way to look your best at an affordable cost of $29.99. Keeping your curls in place is a tough task if your hair is naturally straight like mine, but this curling iron kept mine locked in place for 24 full hours! We used the 1 ¼” rod but the Gold Curling Irons come in a variety of sizes for whatever curl you desire!

Check out PRO Beauty Tools website for a full look at all of their amazing products to keep your hair looking beautiful for 2018!



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