A Comfy Pillow for Your Legs or Your Tablet

Credit: NPET

Your tablet needs a soft space to chill just like you do.

I’ve used a tablet in bed or on the couch enough times to know that constantly holding it up with one hand is a big pain, especially when you need to use both hands for something like magnifying an image or playing a game. Then you have to do some kind of wacky balancing act on your knees that almost always seems to end with the tablet falling on the floor. This is why tablets have stands, but a simple plastic stand can’t really stand up on a soft surface like a bed. Clearly, the answer is to make the stand as soft as the bed itself!

NPET’s Soft Tablet Pillow Stand may look like a simple throw pillow at a glance, but it’s got a couple of special tricks. First and foremost, it’s got an extendable, folding stand surface that rolls off the main pillow. Thanks to a pair of sturdy velcro straps, you can pull the stand surface out as far as you need to to comfortably cradle your tablet or mobile device. Since the surface is connected to an entire pillow, it won’t be easily knocked over on unstable surfaces like a bed or a couch, so you can lounge freely while tapping away on the screen.

The Soft Tablet Pillow Stand isn’t just a tablet stand, though, it’s also a fully functional portable pillow. On the inside is a springy, form-fitting padding that can comfortably support a tablet, your legs, your neck, or whatever else! And the super-soft suede cover will give you that smooth comfiness you’re longing for. It’s super compact, too, thanks to a built-in handle that lets you easily take it along with you on trips. You can use it to prop up your tablet for work, and when you get sleepy, just roll it up and stick it behind your head for naptime. And don’t worry if it gets dirty; the cover is easily removed and cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you’re interested in this handy doodad, you can get a great deal on one over at Dealspotr, especially if you use our code WHOABELLA2 at checkout for an additional discount. And don’t forget to stay up to date on the latest products from NPET here!

Author: Hana Oxford

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