Live Your Italian Foodie Dream Through ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy’

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Stanley Tucci is known for the roles of actor, producer, writer, and former model but will be exploring the new role of traveling food connoisseur. The new travel series “Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy” features the American actor exploring his Italian roots through some of the best food Italy has to offer.

Tucci has a personal connection to Italy as both his parents are Italian and his grandparents came to America from Italy. The new travel series truly embodies Italian culture featuring amazing food and stunning landscapes with a new region featured in every episode.

Tucci will also be joined by a series of cultural experts because half of the enjoyment from a meal is with the company you share. Tucci’s guests will provide insight into various aspects of Italian culture including architecture, landscapes, cuisine, and amazing locally sourced food.

The travel series will feature a ton of pasta dishes as expected but will also explore some of the unique dishes that will have you wanting to take a trip just to have a taste. Tucci travels to various regions of Italy rich in culture including Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Bologna, Milan, Tuscany, and Sicily.

You can join Tucci on his cultural voyage through Italy on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT and every episode will leave you wanting more. If you’re not hungry before watching “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” you’ll be craving a delicious dish after.

Author: Carolyn Andrews

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