9 Mistakes You’re Making When Freezing Your Food

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As the years go by, food gets more and more expensive. Due to that fact, preserving it has become very important to families who aren’t too keen on just wasting money and food. That’s usually why freezing certain foods is a big option, but sadly you might just be making these big mistakes when it comes to freezing your food.

If you want to preserve certain items the most important thing is to put it in the freezer as soon as possible. If you notice that something is mushy when you defrost it’s probably due to the fact it froze too slowly. Try cutting up whatever you’re freezing into small pieces, or freeze it in a smaller container.

What you should never do is put hot foods straight into the freezer. Not only will it damage the food you’re trying to save, but it will hurt everything else in the freezer too. It can bring down the temperature of your freezer and accidentally partially defrost whatever else you might have in there. That could then lead to bacteria to grow or alter the food’s taste.

Author: Brittany Jones

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