Become Florida’s Pho King If You Conquer This Challenge

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Are you hungry? If so, this meal is fit for a king!

Take a break from the seafood and burgers and chow down on some delicious, authentic Asian food here in the Sunshine State. Florida offers all sorts of authentic and affordable food from a variety of Asian countries, from Thai, to Filipino, to Japanese, and Chinese. But one spot in Tampa has one of the most popular dishes: pho.

This is not just any old bowl of pho though. Tasty Pho near Tampa has the ultimate food challenge.

Called “What The Pho Challenge,” customers can be dubbed The Pho King is they can conquer a giant bowl of pho in one sitting. The challenge features two pounds of noodles, two pounds of meat, a separate plate of veggies, and every last drop of the broth.

Tasty Pho is a family-run business and has been serving the Gulf Coast delicious Vietnamese food for years.

For those interested in taking on the Pho Challenge, they need to call the restaurant ahead of time because the kitchen needs time to prepare the giant dish. But also, the challenger probably needs time to prepare mentally and physically too.

If the person can finish the bowl in under 30 minutes (with no bathroom breaks), then they will get a free meal, their photo displayed on the Wall of Fame and a $20 gift card.

Are you up for the challenge?

Author: Hana Oxford

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