Burn Belly Fat with These 3 Moves

burnbellyfatwiththese3moves1Bella Breakdown
Add more muscle groups to the mix of your regular exercise routine to burn more calories, eliminate belly fat, and cut your workout time in half!

Start your fist multi-tasking ab move on the floor, for this chest fly exercise with an inner thigh crunch you will need 5 lbs. With the hand weights, do an open-close crunch 20/30 reps.

Next, move into a side plank and lift and lower a flexed foot. Be sure to do both sides!

For the last engaged ab move, bring the upper back into the mix with a middle plank on your hand weight and lift and lower the arms.

You can always multi-task by throwing in the opposite arm and opposite leg. After those moves we can already hear the beach calling, are you ready for your bikini this season?

Author: Madison

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