Fitness Influencer Chooses To Stop Participating In Fight For Instagram Body

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It seems like everybody is trying to become an influencer these days. From fitness to lifestyle to family to cars, there appears to be a category for everyone (trust us, these are only a few). And in each respective category, influencers exist, appearing as the epitome of perfection at what they’re good at, whether it’s raising babies or influencing the masses to live a healthier lifestyle.

And until recently, Stephanie Buttermore was yet another fitness influencer looking to share her lifestyle in an effort to inspire others.

With almost 400,000 followers on Instagram and almost 800,000 on YouTube, Stephanie knows what she’s doing when it comes to social media. But for her, mimicking perfection wasn’t worth the effort it took to make it seem real, and she decided to take a stand.

While trying to maintain Instagram’s idea of perfection, Stephanie frequently felt hungry, but she decided to change things for herself and begin eating until she was full, causing her to gain 30 pounds within two months, but with it, she also gained happiness.

Author: Maya Dixon

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