Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Store In Your Freezer

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Everyone knows you can store food in your freezer to last longer and help to manage your fridge space. There are some foods and drinks that you can store in your freezer that you would have never guessed.

Eggs are used in everything for cooking and baking, freezing eggs is a great option for them to last longer and is easier for prepping meals. You can freeze eggs beaten, or separated into yolks and whites. All you need to do is defrost by letting them thaw in the fridge.

You can freeze hard cheeses like Red Leicester or Cheddar by grating or cubing it and storing it in a freezer bag. To freeze soft cheese, individually wrap portions before freezing. Simple thaw in your fridge for 24 hours before use and cheese won’t expire for 6 months when frozen.

This is a great way to store leftover wine for future cooking and if you have an unfinished bottle you can throw it in the freezer for later. Another way to freeze wine is to fill an ice cube tray to create wine cubes for future cooking that is good for up to 3 months. All you need to do is let the wine thaw at room temperature and double-check the bottle to make sure the glass didn’t crack.

Yes, you can freeze flour and have it last up to a year. The best part is that it keeps the flour fresh for a longer time and doesn’t require thawing so it’s ready to go.

Frozen grapes are a great snack on the go and also keeps grapes fresh for a longer time. All you need to do is wash and dry the grapes, then store in the freezer bag. Frozen grapes can be thawed at room temperature and are good for one month, you can also drop some in your glass of wine or champagne to keep your drink cold without ice.

Freezing is easy for leftovers or extra ingredients left over from your last recipe. All you’ll need is some freezer storage bags or ice cube tray to prevent wasting food.

Author: Carolyn Andrews

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