From Overeating To Mindful Eating

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Mindfulness is everywhere, yet not many people understand it. It’s about embracing the present moment, and once you start using it as a tool, your life will change for the better. If you are among people who are stress eaters or you’ve noticed that you gain weight when you are under pressure, it’s time to get into mindful eating. It will introduce you to including your senses and listening to what is it that your body needs.

Mindful eating also promotes gratitude, as well as thinking about food as body fuel, not a hole that needs to be filled out. In many ways, it’s clear that our grandparents were much more appreciative of their meals. Some used to say grace before every meal, which is a form of gratitude. People also had their meals home-cooked and served at the same time every day. We thought we didn’t have time for all those rituals, but it seems like we were wrong. Obesity is killing millions every year, and instead of focusing on life solutions, we are creating more problems by overeating.

So how do we go from mindless to mindful eating? There are several exercises, but they are somewhat similar. IT all starts with home cooking or at least ordering from a place with healthy, fresh foods. When you are at home, dinner with your family, turn off the TV, leave your phones in the other room and notice each other.

Serve small portions to avoid overeating and weight gain. Include all senses, and be grateful for this peaceful moment and the delicious meal you are about to have. Try to close your eyes to taste the food. Slow down your chewing because it can also help improve your digestion. Additionally, you get to really feel the texture and the smell, as well as the taste of your food.

To keep your body running, like a well-oiled machine, eat three meals, and have two snacks every day, at the same time. Launch break is precisely that: not an excuse to have a quick blow out or do some shopping. Forget about the stress at work and spend the time being present, with your meal, alone or with your coworkers.

Mindful eating is about maintaining and improving your health. In time, you’ll learn to appreciate your body more and to choose nutrients over cravings. Think of mindful eating as going to the gym for the first time in your life. You start slow, you don’t even notice your progress until one day you have the training and you don’t even break a sweat. Mindfulness is a skill, not a science, so it’s important to know that you can get there. You can learn to listen to your body, enjoy the moment, and get your health back. Not to mention that you will lose weight and feel better since healthy eating is part of self-care and self-love.

Author: Milica Jarić

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