Staying In Shape From Home With These Fitness Apps


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Getting into the groove of staying in shape can be a little tricky but there are a couple of ways to motivate you to get into shape at home. Here are some fun fitness apps to help you stay on track, incorporating workouts into your home routine. The best part is that all these apps are free and offered on both smartphone operating platforms.

This app is a great fitness tracker for going on walks around your community or local park. The app works to count your steps and give you rewards for all the steps you’ve accumulated that you can redeem for deals.

Sweatcoin offers rewards from some companies you know along with other new ones you can get to know including Amazon, PupBox, and Postmates. If you save up enough Sweatcoins, they offer amazing vacation options that are updated frequently.

Asana Rebel: Yoga and Fitness
This app is like having a personal yogi on your phone and features a great introduction to yoga that’s perfect for beginners. The app offers notifications through your standard calendar so it can work perfectly around your work and social schedule.

They release two new workouts a day so you’re not stuck doing the same workout and the notification system is really efficient.

Nike Training Club
This app is built to be the “ultimate personal trainer” all in an app, offering more than 185 free workouts. The app features guided training sessions from Nike Master Trainers including endurance-based routines and yoga. The app also tracks the workouts you choose to personalize recommendations for you so you can easily choose new sessions and workouts.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout
If you’re one of the people that think they don’t have the time to workout, this app is just for you. The workouts featured on this app are created to deliver the maximum benefits of a workout in the shortest time possible. This is a great option for people with busy schedules or while you travel.

Author: Cherry Katoch

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