Thanksgiving Dinner In A Handful Of Chips?

(Photo Credit: Kellogg Company)

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Ah, Thanksgiving. The one day a year where even health bloggers and dieticians turn a blind eye at processed fats and gorge on buttery mashed potatoes, sugar-loaded pies, and salt bathed turkeys. But what’s better than actual Thanksgiving food?

Recreating them into delicious leftovers for days to come. But if your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, there are never leftovers to be found as my mother sends every singles guest home with pounds of food (thanks Mom, I slaved hours over that casserole) and the delicacy of Thanksgiving’s hearty flavors are gone just as quickly as they came.

Or perhaps your family’s food is just so good there never are leftovers in the first place. Regardless, Pringles has found a solution for those of us wanting to embrace the flavors of gratitude a little bit longer.

(Photo Source: Kellogg’s)

The chip company has releases a Turducken flavored crisp. Yes, that would be the classic Thanksgiving chicken-stuffed-duck-stuffed-turkey that we always hear about on TV but no one ever actually makes, for many obvious reasons.

This is the third year the company has released the Turducken chip, and this year they’ve upped the anty even more. Calling it the Pringles Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit, the box offers six different flavored chips that can be stacked and eaten together or separately for a full Thanksgiving feast.

Featuring the three birds mentioned and cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie chips, the kit promises all the flavors of the holiday without any fuss (and without any texture, but it’s for the fun of the chip meal). The kits can only be found online and are expected to sell out, so if a holiday meal in a potato chip is what you’re after this fall, get to ordering!


Author: Bailey Peters

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