The ColourPop Sailor Moon Collection Sells Out In Minutes

(Photo Credit: Naoko Takeuchi / PNP, Toei Animation / ColourPop)

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You may remember the cartoon anime show “Sailor Moon” from nearly 30 years ago but the pretty guardian of love is popular now more than ever and the latest makeup collaboration with ColourPop proves it. Though this isn’t the first cartoon collab with ColourPop, this one is proving to be one of the most popular ones to date.

The Sailor Moon X ColourPop collection features an eyeshadow palette for $20; two lip bundles for $15 each (Daylight and Moonlight); a lip gloss featured in four colors for $8 each (Usagi, Bun Head, Sailor Moon, and Moon Tiara); two shades of blush for $12 each (From The Moon and cat’s Eye); and two glitter gel pots for $9 each (Moon Prism Power and Moonlight Legend). The entire collection is worth $89 but the feasible price point and popularity led to the collection selling out in minutes.

All the collection comes in the cutest Sailor Moon themed packaging including the cover of the eyeshadow palette that is the excited face of the main character Usagi with an optical illusion of Usagi opening and closing her mouth in shock, cute touch. This collection is for the lovers of pastel and pink colors, making it ideal for spring which is just around the corner.

The eyeshadow features yellow colors that are usually hard to get good results from an eyeshadow but the pigment is everpresent. The eyeshadow palette features some shades in matte, shimmer, and glitter with minimal fallout.

The blush offers a sheer pink matte option along with a lighter shade of pink with shimmer. The glitter gel is similar to a paste that can apply pretty thick but you can easily blend it out easily with your fingertip.

There are two formula options for the lip glosses including a traditional sheen gloss and blotted lip for a diffused blotted lip look. The blotted lip option is intended to create a diffused lip moment, similar to faded porcelain doll lips.

“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you” – The Love and Moon Guardian, Sailor Moon

They have yet to confirm when they will be re-stocking after selling out the entire collection. YouTube beauty gurus Jeffree Star and NikkieTutorials both loved the collection in their latest reviews along with all the Sailor Moon fans.

Author: Kaitlyn Kinshella

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