The Thirst Is Real! 5 Uncommon Ways To Rehydrate

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Drinking eight glasses of water is the recommended amount for someone to drink on a daily basis. However, some people aren’t too keen on consuming the flavorless beverage so hear are some uncommon ways for you to keep your body hydrated.

Good for your bones and apparently good for refreshment, milk is said to be even more effective than water when it comes to rehydrating the body. Researchers say that the sodium and potassium levels in milk make it harder for your body to get rid of the liquid. Unlike water, which you can lose as soon as you go to the bathroom.

If milk isn’t your thing, then perhaps chugging a glass of orange juice is more up your alley. While using the juice to rehydrate is a better option than water it’s not as good as milk. Livestrong reports foods that are high in electrolytes and water are best; think fruits and veggies for their high-water content.

There’s a reason you find athletes on the sidelines drinking beverages like Gatorade or Powerade. That’s because drinking the “sports drink” replaces those nutrients you may lose during physical activity. Like milk, sports drinks have sodium and potassium which helps the body retain fluids.

Surprisingly, hot soup is another way for you to rehydrate your body. This is the perfect option when you’re filling under the weather because your body is craving fluids. Packed with sodium and water, soup is what you should be looking for when you need a little pick me up when your body is feeling dry.

Find out other ways to hydrate your body in the video above.

Author: Maya Dixon

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