The Ultimate Shrimp “Boil” Perfect For The Summer

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If you’re tired of doing the same, old barbecue recipes this summer we may just have a way to fix that. There’s no better way to end the perfect summer day than with the ultimate shrimp seafood boil.

This dish is popular in cities like Louisiana and can include foods like crab legs, crawfish and sometimes even clams. However, to get you started on this particular boil we decided to keep it simple just by using shrimp. The key to a successful shrimp boil is layering ingredients into the pot so that everything is done cooking at once.
Of course, add the potatoes and sausage first to ensure that they will be cooked thoroughly, then the shrimp, then the frozen corn to bring the temperature down and prevent overcooking.

Once that’s done, let it all soak to absorb the salt and spice, then dump it out onto the table and eat with copious amounts of rémoulade. While this recipe can easily be halved, it’s a simple — and extraordinarily fun — way to feed a crowd.

If you can handle it, be sure to add a little spicy kick to your boil and don’t be afraid to let your nose run.

Author: B.J. Mims

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