Your Favorite Celebrities Are Getting Fit Here’s How

Fitness isn’t just about how much you can lift.

Some people have a bit of a negative perspective of personal training; they believe that the only people who do it do so to get super swole. Some people like to get a bit overly-buff, yeah, but that’s not the only reason you hire a personal trainer. Your body needs maintenance to undergo its usual functions, and sometimes, that maintenance requires knowledge that a layman doesn’t have. It’s why you need to call the guy when the TV’s on the fritz, ’cause you sure as heck don’t know how to do it yourself.

Take for example Ben Platt during his work on the Netflix series ‘The Politician.’ If you’ve seen that show, you might be scratching your head. It’s not an action show; there’s not even a lot of running. It’s mostly just standing talking scenes. Why would anyone need to train for something like that? Well, Ben had a particular problem: before he began working on that show, he had been doing a lot of live performances on Broadway, and they had taken a toll on his posture. The character he plays in ‘The Politician’ is supposed to be straight-laced and charismatic, but his silhouette made him look droopy and lacking in confidence. To remedy this, he hired a personal trainer to help him fix his posture as well as just generally improve his physique in order to exude the confidence that he needed for the role. With mobility exercises five times a week before shooting began, Ben was able to gain the powerful stance he needed, and look pretty great to boot. Remember, it’s okay to ask someone for help when you don’t know what you’re doing. Because if you try to do it all by yourself, you might end up making things worse.

Author: Leigha Grimes

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