This Purse That Holds Two Bottles Of Wine Is The Epitome Of The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Wait…a purse that can fit two bottles of wine IN IT exists? And you still don’t have one yet? It’s time to reprioritize. With the holidays around the abrupt corner, this is one of those gifts that you may need to buy for your best friend….then decide to keep it for yourself.

Forewarning…the PortoVino purse will change the game for you. The only disappointing thing about a nice bottle of wine is it’s apparently not socially acceptable to carry around while at the grocery store, or the movies, or at your nephew’s bar mitzvah (okay, so it was one time guys). This purse combines the appeal of a classy, gorgeous handbag with the functionality of a wine decanter. Though, let’s be honest, you don’t have to put wine in it. Maybe you’re just super healthy and want to stay hydrated, or maybe you’re just more of a whiskey guy or gal. We don’t judge.



Again, your best friend may lose it over this purse as a holiday gift. But don’t leave it empty…you can get creative with a gift this perfect. They may be a big wine fan, but you can introduce them to this delicious boozy cider recipe from Delish (

Not a cider fan? Are you frankly sick of the cold already, like we are? That’s perfect…be the gift-giving guru by filling it with this tropical mimosa recipe ( to remind the recipient they can always be on vacation when they have the PortoVino purse. Because the only thing better than a classy purse filled with the finest wine is a classy purse filled with hard liquor, right?

Let’s recap, shall we? Not only does the PortoVino purse hold your favorite beverages with ease and class, it also looks pretty dang good doing it. There are plenty of color options depending on your style, and PortoVino makes all of the cutest products for wino-s out there…so maybe you stumble upon holiday gifts for all the loves in your life!

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