Dating On Facebook

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Facebook provides us with a lot. It is a medium for news, viral videos, and uncomfortable comments from older relatives. Facebook is also not anywhere near as popular as it was even just five years ago… granted still more successful than Myspace, but still it has lost a bit of luster. Facebook knows it has to stay trending, and what better way to do that then introduce a dating feature to the site. That’s right, you’ll never have to deviate away from your Facebook app to begin choosing people you may or may not ever actually meet.

As you can imagine, the Facebook dating feature is very similar to the set up of Tinder and Bumble. There are pictures, a short bio, and a button where you can choose whether or not you are interested in them. Once you match, you can then message one another. What is kind of cool about the feature is that you will not be able to send someone messages multiple times in a row, nor will you be able to send photographs. This definitely helps to stop the insanity that can often comes with dating apps, and doesn’t allow for some of the inappropriate behavior that can occur online.

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