Household Items Some Dermatologists Wish You’d Stop Using

Bella Breakdown

Using household items when it comes to your beauty regimen may have been quick remedies older generations swore by in the past, but dermatologist really wants you to stop. Here are some household items some experts really want you to stop using.

We’ve all been told about the magic of toothpaste when it comes to clearing up zits. However, dermatologists are strongly urging you to stop putting the oral hygiene paste on your face. “Toothpaste is alkaline and has flavoring in it,” explains Dr. Janet H. Prystowsky. “There is nothing therapeutic about it for the skin. If there is fluoride in it, then complexion can react badly to it.”

Using body scrubs have been all the rage in recent years and many do-it-yourself beauty vloggers will suggest making your own with sugar. However, skin experts strongly urge you not to go that route. According to Dr. Prystowsky, sugar is “a sharp angulated crystal that can cut into the skin.” She goes on to warn that using sugar on your face can also disrupt your skin cells which will lead to injury.

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